We are all on a quest to be more productive. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, we have tasks that need to be completed and goals we want to achieve. Unfortunately, there is always something that stands in our way. That could look like exhaustion, procrastination, or a busy schedule. Either way, these tips will help you overcome those obstacles and be more productive.

1. Write it Down

Writing items down is more important than it’s ever been, due to the constant hustle. Noting goals and tasks to complete allows you to visualize the material and forces you to focus. This will keep you organized and more productive!

“There is a life that I would like to create for my life and my family and this is the path that I saw that could get me there.” – Nick Clark, Real Estate Agent

2. Create a Plan of Action

After writing down your tasks and goals, create a plan of action. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or delegate. Always start with your most urgent tasks and work from there. If you are working on a big project, break it into smaller To-Dos and complete a little day by day. Waiting until the last minute never results in your best work. Checking off tasks as you go helps you stay aligned and is a rewarding feeling.

“I’m lucky to work with one of my best friends who is also my boss, Kevin Braun. Being in the salesroom with him and running to every appointment is kinda like a drug, I like the constant one-upmanship and camaraderie of working together. I like the thrill of the kill.” – Nathan James, Real Estate Agent

3. Take Breaks

Allowing your brain to recharge is crucial. Yes, make sure you get enough sleep at night, but also take small breaks in between your tasks. Maybe that looks like grabbing some coffee, a small walk, or chatting with a friend, whatever the case may be, make sure to take a break. This is going to save you from burnout and help you work longer in the long run. Set a timer to get back to work so you don’t get sidetracked.

4. Learn to Say No

Learning to say no is very important in staying productive. It’s great to support and help others, but not when it deters you from your goals. We all have limitations when it comes to time and energy, so make sure to use them wisely. Setting boundaries can be hard, but you’ll be surprised by how many people will respect your honesty. Some ways to say “no” are: “I’m not able to take on anything else right now” or “I won’t be able to help at this time.”

“There are several steps to a real estate transaction so usually making sure I meet deadlines and milestones is how I stay productive.” – Alexsys Jefferson, Real Estate Agent

5. Reflect

Reflecting on your completed tasks each day helps you see what worked and didn’t work. You’ll know what to change or do differently in the future to be even more productive. That may mean you set time aside to answer emails or set an end time so you can enjoy time with loved ones. When you reflect you grow and outward success will follow.

“I just do what the company needs me to do on that particular day. The company creates my schedule and I do what is needed to be done is order of urgency. ” – Brent Voepel, Broker

Now that you have read these 5 ways to be more productive, let’s get started! Write down what you need to complete today and make a plan to do it. Don’t forget to take breaks and say no to unnecessary items. After the day is done reflect on how you did and repeat it tomorrow.

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