Real estate investing includes the purchase, ownership, and management of real estate for profit. Our team at Auben Realty is here to help you build your portfolios to reach your investment goals. To make the transition from purchase to management simple and easy, we work alongside Voepel Property Management. VPM manages rental properties for investors throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan. Together we have built a successful wealth management team. 


How to Find the Right Real Estate Investor Agent for Your Investing Needs

According to the National Association of Realtors, there are 1.4 million active real estate agents in the United States. They all come with various goals, experience, and specialties. So, how do you know what agent or brokerage is right for your investing goals? 


Ask and Search

Word of mouth is the most trusted and efficient way to find an agent. Ask an investor friend or reach out to someone on social media who is successful in their real estate endeavors. A simple web search will also help. Read reviews, visit the team page, and reach out to a few agents you feel would be a good fit. Then, set up a call or meeting to go over your goals. 


Do your goals align with the agent?

A good investor agent will think like you and believe in your dream. They will work with you to build your investment portfolio, whether it’s to increase your retirement fund, earn some extra cash, or it’s your full-time job. Our Investor Analyst Team runs the numbers for you to ensure the investment properties you’re interested in providing the opportunity for advantageous returns. Our team will work with you to find properties on and off the market that hit all your necessary criteria for a successful investment.


Is the agent local?

Chances are you aren’t necessarily looking for a property in the town where you live. Location is one of the most important variables when looking for a potential investment property. Don’t be afraid to ask how well your potential real estate investor agent knows the area. They should help guide you to what area might be best for your priorities. Our team makes it a priority to go the extra mile for you. We will drive around the area for you and answer any questions you may have. 


What to Look for in Potential Investment Properties

There are numerous items to account for when searching for the perfect investment property. Here are the most important items to take into consideration. 


Home Inspections

Many things can add to the value of an investment property, just to name a few: flooring, countertops, and paint. However, when looking at a property you have to consider the items that are not necessarily as “glamorous,” such as HVAC, plumbing, foundation, electrical, and roofing. An inspector will take a look at the property for you and assess the condition of these items. This will help you determine how to move forward with the final offers as you budget for any repairs and renovations you may need. 


Capitalization Rate

The capitalization rate (cap rate) measures the expected rate of return for an investment property. This is the most popular measure in which real estate investments are assed. It’s calculated based on the net operating income and the property asset value. At Canopy, we also strive to find you the best cap rate possible for your portfolio.


Desirable Location

As with all real estate, location is an important factor. Find a home you’re interested in? It’s always a good idea to research the crime rate, school reports, and either you or your agent drive the area to see if the location will work for your portfolio.


Overall, real estate investing is a calculated measure that can be a great source of extra income, and sometimes it takes a village or a great brokerage. 


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