Currently, we are at an all-time housing inventory shortage. It can be tough to continue grinding out offer after offer on houses when you know you’re only one of sometimes 40+ offers. It’s in times like these that buyers and agents have to be creative in making their offer stand out. Below are a few ways to do just that:

Get your offer in ASAP!

Just because they say “Best and Final by Friday at 5 pm” doesn’t guarantee that they won’t get an offer on Tuesday and just accept it right away. Time is of the essence in real estate, so don’t delay!

Ask your agent if you can add an In Its Present Condition “AS-IS” Addendum

Of course, it’s best practice for a buyer to obtain a home inspection. The “As-Is” Addendum has options to allow for inspections but it tells the seller that your buyer won’t ask for any repairs or money off. 

Consider removing Terms and Conditions or Contingencies

If you’re able to don’t ask for closing cost help from the seller. You could even possibly remove the appraisal contingency. We are in a seller’s market right now, and buyer’s out there are pulling all the stops to get these houses.

Write a personal, hand-written letter to the seller

A hand-written letter to the seller will add that personal touch that will make your buyer seem unique. Adding a photo to the letter is another great way to stand out as well. The seller will no doubt get overwhelmed with a sea of numbers, contracts, and terms, but a visual reminder that there are humans on the other side of the contract might just make the difference for your buyer. Remember as a buyer to be personal but don’t violate fair-housing and ethics (leave the crime and school talk out).